Frequently Asked Questions


What are Bergies?

Bergies are scented disposable shoe liners that keep your feet and shoe fresh even when you GO SOCKLESS.

How do Bergies work?

Bergies are made from a special blend of natural and synthetic fibers that wick and absorb moisture to keep your feet feeling fresh and dry   when you GO SOCKLESS.

What makes Bergies smell so good?

Bergies are infused with a unique blend of essential oils that protect your feet and shoes from odor that can occur when you GO SOCKLESS.

Are Bergies comfortable?

Bergies are made from a soft, thin material that easily fit into any shoe. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable Bergies make it to GO SOCKLESS.

How do I choose a Bergie size that will work for me?

Bergies come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all those who like to GO SOCKLESS. The Bergies size chart is a great guide for finding the best fit. Keep in mind that Bergies are designed to cover about 75% of your foot.

Bergies Size Chart