Meet Bergies


Everyone is wearing their favorite shoes without socks…slip-ons, ballet flats, boat shoes, and even dress shoes are begging us to Go Sockless! Nobody wants to talk about the sweat and odor that makes this trend uncomfortable. We have the solution.

Bergies are thin disposable shoe liners that keep your feet feeling and smelling as cool as you look.  The thin wool blend fabric adds comfort, while wicking away moisture.  The light fragrance keeps shoes and feet smelling great.      

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Wear Bergies

1.  Choose your size and scent.

2.  Remove the paper backing.

3.  Insert into your favorite shoes.

4.  Remove when you're ready for a fresh start.

5.  Replace with a new pair of Bergies.

It's just that simple.

We have two boys in our house and one of them has particularly smelly feet — seriously rotten! I slipped some Bergies in his shoes...and they’re working! How soon can I get my hands on some more of these for him AND me?
— Shari, Iowa
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Embrace the trend. Go sockless in style.